KM International: World Leaders in Asphalt Maintenance Equipment

With equipment in over 39 countries KM International continues to be the world leader in asphalt maintenance equipment. KM International delivers innovative pavement maintenance solutions for any and all in the pavement maintenance industry.

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2015 Asphalt Equipment Catalog

We’re pleased to offer our distributors and customers our new Asphalt Equipment Catalog. This latest catalog is up to date with our complete product line and includes some great photography highlighting the features of our...

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KM Infrared Recyclers

KM Internationals versatile infrared repair equipment allows the user the ability to create a seamless repair. With cycled heating time, independently controlled heating zones, and automatic pilot ignition KM Internationals infrared equipment is years ahead of the...

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KM International would like to welcome Southeastern Equipment as our newest equipment distributor

KM International would like to welcome Southeastern Equipment company as our newest equipment distributor. Southeastern Equipment will service the state of Ohio and has 12 location throughout the state to better serve customers. Southeastern and KM Internationals share their commitment to...

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KM International

City attacking rough spots with new asphalt equipment With the recent purchase of two new machines, the Ogallala Street Department is now better equipped to repair the city’s asphalt...

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KM International

Asphalt Equipment

KM International manufactures the highest quality asphalt maintenance equipment on the market. We design for their efficient use by contractors and government agencies alike.

  • Authority on the infrared process of in-place asphalt repair
  • Commitment to high-quality design and manufacture
  • Innovative industry leader
  • Green solutions for asphalt recycling

Mission Statement: KM International delivers innovative pavement maintenance solutions.

Description: K M International, Inc. has acquired and developed a number of strengths that have fostered KMI's worldwide reputation in the asphalt industry as the "Gold" and "Green" standards. We are the preeminent authority on the "Infrared process" of "in place asphalt recycle and repair." We have fostered an ongoing industry standard of quality and excellence that continually exceeds our customers' expectations in all of our product offerings including our "Infrared" line of equipment, our Hot Box Reclaimers and our newest addition, the Asphalt Recycler. Our commitment to the design and manufacture of the highest quality asphalt maintenance equipment in the market is not just a "quote on the wall" but rather the driving force for the entire K M International team.

The In-Place Asphalt Recycle and Repair Authority


In-place asphalt repair with our efficient and cost-effective Infrared Asphalt Equipment.

Asphalt Recyclers

Turn waste asphalt chunks, millings, or shingles into usable mix with our asphalt recycling equipment.

Hot Box Reclaimers

Work any day of the week with our asphalt hot box reclaimers.